Spirit Catcher

The Spirit Catcher in downtown Barrie is pretty hard to miss. It towers over the waterfront at the base of Maple Avenue. Its image can also be found on most promotional material about Barrie.
Originally made for Expo ’86 and installed in Vancouver, British Columbia, this sculpture by Ron Baird was installed in Barrie in June of 1987. It was a donation from the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation in Toronto to the Barrie Gallery Project.

Spirit Catcher in Downtown BarrieIf you watch the 20 tonne sculpture closely, you’ll see the giant quills and antennae move slowly in the wind.

About oursimcoe

Photography is my hobby. I love where I live.
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3 Responses to Spirit Catcher

  1. Denise Gauthier-Frohlick says:

    Hi, Is it possible to have permission to use the two spirit catcher photos?

    • oursimcoe says:

      Hi Denise,
      What would you like to use them for?
      It is my understanding that, for commercial use, the artist must give permission for the image of the Spirit Catcher to be used.
      For my photos, it depends on what you want to do with them!
      Let me know,

  2. Denise Gauthier-Frohlick says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I would like to use the photo for a poster to highlight the Aboriginal Student Services at the Laurentian University Barrie campus.
    Thanks, Denise

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